Omnipresent Creativity.

The world was once a stage, now it is a screen.

Always Entertaining

You’ll find Apollo programs on your next cab ride or flight; at train stations and museum visits; in hotel rooms and shopping malls, and across public projection screens and via outdoor digital media. Our entertaining quick fire formats are perfect for kiosk systems. Apollo TV always inspires, always entertains.

Making waiting fun

Apollo can transform waiting into a pleasurable experience. Really! Whether you’re in a cue at a museum or waiting for a train, you can catch up on everything that happening in the world of art, design and technology.

Travel the world with Apollo

Apollo TV is the perfect travel companion. Our programmes are informative and entertaining, so time just evaporates. Our network extends to cabs, in airports and right onto planes.

The hotel lifestyle

That means you can tune into Apollo TV when you’re in your hotel room to find out what is happening in the world of creativity and also in the city around you.