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The world is mobile

Watch APOLLO.TV on your mobile literally everywhere. While you’re on a boring commute; waiting for an appointment; to get inspiration at work, or when you’re chilling out. Wherever you are in your world, so is APOLLO.TV.

Our content is cool

Everything you need to know about what’s happening right across the creative spectrum is now at your fingertips. Brilliance can never be under-estimated. APOLLO.TV also can unleash your creativity out to our millions of viewers. Artists can upload videos directly through the app, then APOLLO.TV’s editorial team will review your videos, even raw footage. We can also help you create a great promotional video.

Small is beautiful

Our short form films are incredibly high quality, so you get the perfect bite sized small screening viewing experience, whether you’re moving or standing still. We also curate the most creative videos from the world's best magazines, blogs and digital channels you love into one little app of inspiration.

Turn on your friends

Tune in on the go and you can still share great videos with your friends. Our cross-platform features give you more ways to discover and view: save videos, create your own playlist and share them with friends. Depending on the video, you can find out more about the topic, dive deep into an artist’s bio, get directions to a gallery, book tickets to an event or even buy a design piece. You can also search for topics and themes close to your heart.